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Brilliant or diamond? This is the question…

Today I decide to make a gift to a special person so I try to find something suitable in jewelry. I’d like to buy a jewel with… diamond or brilliant? What is the difference between the two?

Diamond is the mineral’s name, while brilliant is the gem’s cut, usually abbreviated also with the acronym RBC or Round Brilliant Cut.

Depending on the facets’ arrangement and setting – define as ‘cut quality’ – the stone could have different fire, brilliance and general appearance which affects the final carat price. The RBC is considered by people the cut for excellence in diamonds, it is the most request and the one who has the greatest carat price quotation. It’s important to say that RBC is not only linked with diamond but is also used in gems like diamonds’ imitations and other kinds of stones.

Diamond have not only round shape, but there are loads of different ones: among the most popular we have pear, oval, heart, emerald or navette shape; lately, the cushion one has gained more market, just like the antique cut (Rose-cut and Old European cut).

Each style has the ability to highlight specific characteristics of the stone, thus allowing to hide some imperfections or emphasizing strengths like the color or the clarity.

Commercially diamonds and brilliants are used interchangeably by jewelers, so it’s important to know the real meaning of the two words and to do not allow ourselves to be deceived by misleading names when you decide to buy this kind of product!

Written by Giulia Lombardo