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Diamonds are forever… Maybe not!

Diamonds are evaluated by people like the most excellence gem thanks to their exceptional properties and their unique beauty. The term comes from the Greek word Adamas, which means ‘invincible’ and for this reason it is usually linked to power, luxury, and prosperity.

The diamonds’ word is wide and mysterious: we decide to select some curiosities and advice which will turn out to be useful for a future purchase.

How are diamonds made?

If we start from the principle, diamonds are composed almost exclusively in carbon, the same elements that form our pencils. The only difference between the two objects compared is the Carbon atoms’ arrangement in crystal lattice: in diamonds it’s closer rather than graphite from pencils, and in nature this phenomenon allows to have lots of different type of minerals with the same chemical composition.

The transition from the common form (graphite) to the gem one takes place about 120 km below the Earth’s surface, while at our pressure and temperature Carbon’s ordinary atoms arrangement is graphite: this means that all diamonds existing are not stable over time but they will become graphite according to a very long time, called ‘geological time’.

One of the greatest legends about diamonds is not correct: diamonds are not forever, this is a De Beers publicity stunt in 1948, driver for further the gem like a symbol of everlasting love, until then completely different compared to our modern concept.

Written by Giulia Lombardo