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The “dark side” of diamonds

As already described in the article “The rainbow of diamonds”, these precious gems are able to assume numerous colors that can vary from light tones – such as yellow and pink – to blue, brown and black. In particular, black diamonds have become more and more successful in the world of jewelry over time: they have lower prices than their colorless counterparts and are highly valued by men and women.

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They owe their coloring to the significant presence of graphite inclusions that give the black tone; because of these inclusions and for their qualities these gems began to be extracted as a product for industrial use (in the field of abrasives) and only later over time people started to appreciate their potential as gems, using them in jewelry and setting them in objects of various types and shapes.

Over the past few years, people demand for this type of diamond has increased significantly; black diamonds can be mounted on white gold, rose gold, platinum and sometimes even silver products, they’re impact resistant and they’re very versatile: not only women, but also men increasingly want to wear black diamond jewelry such as tennis and rings.

The engagement rings with black diamonds gained enormous visibility when Carrie Bradshaw – the actress of Sex and The City – received in 2010 a beautiful solitaire with a 5.00 carat black diamond, starting a trend that remained alive over time: often paired with white diamonds, the black one gives the jewel a uniqueness and sophistication that goes beyond the common taste.

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Written by Giulia Lombardo