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“I love you not for who you are but for who I am when I’m with you.”


The Angela ring was born from an inspiration of our creative Cristina Brocca: thinking about the family, the love of a husband for his wife, the love of parents for their children or a very strong friendship, Cristina has created a truly unique product that let you feel strong emotions.

It’s available in two noble metals, Silver and Gold: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. To create the Angela ring it takes approximately 15 days and BroArt follows all the processing phases: from prototyping to delivery to the customer.

The workforce is personalized and each ring is a unique piece with many combinations that vary infinitely from name to name. To embellish it BroArt has also thought of setting one or more letters (for example the initials of names) with white or black diamonds, making it a truly wonderful jewel. The stone-setting, like all other workings, takes place internally: our craftsmen, with fifty years of experience in the sector, make precise and high quality standards.
The Angela ring is a special dedication, it is love forever.


Angela ring

Fully customizable ring: it can be composed of names, words, phrases, and with symbols such as hearts or stars.

It’s available in silver or white, yellow or rose gold, both in 9kt and 18kt. You can also choose to set letters or symbols with white, black, brown diamonds, or with blue sapphires or rubies.