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Cookies are text files which are saved in the user’s computer whenever he enters a website, in order to provide information every time the user enters the same website. It is a kind of reminder of that website. Cookies allow the server to send information saved in the computer to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, ecc.); such information will be read and updated whenever the user returns to that website. During surfing the user’ terminal may receive further cookies from other websites (so called ” third parties” cookies), which are set directly by the site manager in order to use them for purposes and according to procedures defined by them.

According to the duration, session cookies (i.e. those that are temporary and that will be automatically removed from the user’s computer when surfing is over and the browser is closed) and persistent cookies may generate.(i.e. cookies that remain stored on the user’s computer until they reach a specified expiry date or until deleted).

Depending on their function and purpose of use, cookies can be divided into technical cookies and profiling cookies.


Some cookies are used: to perform authentication task, to monitor sessions and to store specific website information about the users of a certain website. These cookies, so called “technical cookies”, are often useful to let browse websites and make use of all their functions. Technical cookies do not require the user’s consent.

Analytic cookies, too, belong to this category. They collect information about the user’s kind of use of a website and allow to improve it. Analytic cookies, for example, show the most visited websites, allow to verify the most frequent kind of use of a certain website and can help solve any difficulty that the user may encounter while browsing.


Other kind of cookies may be made use of to monitor and profile users during browsing, to follow their movements and habits or their consumes (what they buy or read, etc.) , in order to send advertising of targeted and customized services. These are profiling cookies. The use of these require free prior and informed approval by user, according to art. 7, EU Regulation 2016/679.


A website may host cookies coming from other sites and which are found in many different items located on the same website, like: advertising banners, pictures, videos, maps or specific links to other websites belonging to other domains and which are found on servers other than the one on which the requested page is located. In other words, this kind of cookies are set by website or server operators that are not the same first one. This is the case of the “Third Parties Cookies”, which are usually used for profiling purposes. The use of this kind of cookies requires the previous acquisition of free informed consensus of the user.


The cookies located in have mainly: technical, improvement, authentication and statistical purposes – like the recording of the website visits may have. The use of cookies is therefore only aimed to support the server during browsing the website. Furthermore, such a website allows the sending of the following cookies to third parties. The mentioned cookies are not Broart ownership; more information, therefore, is available at the disclosure and consent module of third parties, by clicking the following links.

In order to improve our website and to understand which sections or elements are mostly appreciated by users, an anonymous analysis tool is applied, which uses third-party cookies, known as Google Analytics. These cookies do not belong to Broart; see the information provided by Google for further details. The website pages provide widgets and buttons to Facebook and Google Plus, so that the user can share the content on other social channels, as well as interact with the site’s channels. Such cookies are not owned by Broart; they are created by Facebook and Google as soon as the widget or the sharing button is clicked. More information can be found on the following pages: Facebook and Google.

Some website pages contain Youtube videos. When visiting a page in which a video is provided or when a video is clicked for watching, Youtube cookies might be activated; these cookies do not belong to Broart. More information can be found on the Terms of Service page of Google.

The website might use the following: Facebook ADS run by Facebook Inc., Google Adwords and Google Remarketing run by Google Inc. Even the conversion tracking feature of Facebook ADS e AdWords makes use of cookies to let us record selling activities and other conversions.


Users may control cookies preferences through the browsers’ functions, which allow to delete/ remove cookies (all or some) or to change the setting so as to block cookies or to limit them to specified websites.

It is therefore possible to decline the use of cookies, according to the procedure provided by the browser itself. Here are instructions suggested by the main browsers: Microsoft Windows Explorers, Mozilla Fireworks, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Google Analytics previous download of a specific plug-in.

For information about cookies stored in one’s own computer and disable each of them, see:


Broart website provides plug-ins and commands to let the users share the website content with favourite social media networks easily. Such plug-ins are programmed so as not to set any cookies when accessing the page, in order to protect the users’ privacy. Sometimes cookies are set, if the social media networks provide so, only on genuine and chosen plug-in use. When users surf while logged to a social media network, they have already accepted cookies, which have been carried by the website, at the moment of registration at the social media network.

Gathering and use of information got through plug-ins are ruled by privacy policies of social media networks, which users are kindly requested to refer to.

This privacy policy may change in future – as new regulations may entry into force, new services may be updated or introduced, technological innovations may take place – thus users/visitors are kindly requested to visit periodically the page


I, the undersigned, declare to have been fully informed according to art. 13, EU Regulation 2016/679 and consent to personal data treatment within the limits, for the aims and the time specified in the informative report.