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The best way to store jewels is that to lay them on a soft surface of velvet or other soft cloth, so that they will not scratch. Wooden or plastic boxex must not be used. If you put your jewels in drawers or boxes, don’t keep them all together, as they could scratch or tangle.
It is not advisable to wear jewels while doing housework, gardening, sport doing, taking showers, getting a suntan or saunas.
Water mixed with detergents or cleaners and even sweat can spoil the stone surface irrevocably. Bumps cause dents and schratches which most of the times are irreparable damages.
Gold and silver jewels loose colour easily when swimming, as chlorine and salty water are the worst risks for jewels. The most fragile precious stones could be damaged forever if worn in swimming-pools or in seawater. Pearl necklacess are particularly delicate as the thread does not dry up easily and pearls could rot from the inside.
Cosmetics likehair spray, talc, perfumes, deodorants, suntan lotions and so on … can be dangerous for jewels. Pearl jewels must be particularly protected from vapour, fats and oils. This is the reason why they should be worn after spreading cosmetics on skin.
Diamonds like sapphires are very hard stones, therfore they could scratch softer stones like emerals if they get in touch This is the reason why they should be stored in different places.
Silver jewels should also be kept aside, as even if they had been particularly processed, they could oxidize. They should ideally be wrapped in a cotton or felt cloth, which will protect them from air contact and will keep their shine.
Jewels should undergo an overall check by your jeweller at least every other year. They will be cleaned with ultrasound appliances and special brushes that will polish or will rough gold or silver from impurities and external agents.

Jewels should be regularly cleaned before storage. Skin, creams, perfumes and even air, make them dirty and produce a surface of impurity covering their shine; sometimes, as the case may be for pearls, it is corrosive. Rinse jewels with warm water and a neutral detergent will keep them safe from external agents and will keep them bright and clean. Furthermore, attention should be paid to the place in which jewels are kept: it should be neither too humid, nor too warm nor too cold. Even direct sunlight may cause damage.