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The following General Conditions refer to the purchase of the products realized by BroArt srl, done at distance through telematics on the website owned by BroArt srl – VAT. 04892880966, situated in Corsico (MI), Via Concordia, 72, Social Capital 50.000; REA Number MI – 178038 Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza Brianza and Lodi – tel. number 024471133. Each purchase operation is regulated by Law (Dlgs n. 185/99), and the privacy protection will be held by the Regulation D.Lgs 196/2003. The following general contractual conditions are taken into account only towards the consumers defined from Regulation; therefore, juridical and physical people that work in their proper working field are exclused.

End of the Contract

Regardless the purchase modalities, the contract between BroArt srl and the Client is finished when the order is accepted by BroArt srl. The acceptance of the order is effectively done only when it is communicated via email (given by the Client in the registration process) and when the payment is issued (and the company receives the relative release of the fiscal virtual receipt).
In case of bank transfer, Bro Art srl accepts the payment with a receipt regarding the income notice by the relative Bank.
When in fault, the contract will not be legally guaranteed. The Client, when it comes to the end of the contract, declares to know all the information regarding the purchase procedure and to accept all the General and Payment Conditions written below. The company excludes each type of compensation to the Client as a right, and each extra-contractual responsibility, regarding direct damages to people and/or or things e/o, caused by the missing acceptance of an order.

Acceptance of General Sales Conditions

The Client, with the telematic shipping of the purchasing order, unconditionally accepts and obligates him/herself to follow the General Sales Conditions with BroArt srl, examine and accept all the indications given by regulations written above and take into account that BroArt srl is not limited to different conditions if not calculated in advance and previously arranged.

Consumer Obligations
  • The following General Sales Conditions have to be examined and accepted online from the visitors on the website before the purchase confirmation. The forward of the order confirmation implicates the total knowledge of these General Sales Conditions and their full acceptance.
  • The Client puts effort and forces to print and keep these General Sales Conditions (when the online purchasing procedure is termined), already seen and accepted during the purchasing process, due to fully satisfy the conditions belonging to Law Dlgs n. 185/1999.
Purchasing Methods
  • is a telematic website that offers the opportunity to buy jewelry objects with the chance to personalize them, through the etching of names or phrases (if predicted).
  • The purchase of products, that are available as shown and descripted on the website, is made by the Client with the indicated price, that has to be confirmed when the order is set, and, as indicated, it has to be confirmed when the order confirmation is forwarded. This price doesn’t include the shipping cost.
  • Before the purchasing confirmation, the company will sum up the unique cost of each selected product, and the total cost if the Client buys more than one object.
  • With the purchasing confirmation (when the transaction is accepted), the Client will receive an email to the address indicated during the registration process, with the confirmation of the order, the date and the total amount.
Management of the orders
  • BroArt srl directly makes the order
  • For any information regarding the order, the Client can contact the Customer Service at this telephone number 800.090.177, or via Facebook
  • By clicking on the botton ‘Proceed’, the Client will briefly receive an order confirmation via email with the order identification number and all the information regarding the purchased product (the price, the possible date of arrival and the address of both sender and recipient).
  • The order is accepted by BroArt srl and the contract is perfected when BroArt srl. receives the payment that comes in only when the Credit Institute sends the virtual receipt regarding the positive payment received. If the Client pays with a bank transfer, the payment is accepted after the written communication of the total amount to the checking account of the company. If the virtual receipt is not released or the total amount of the purchase is not confirmed, the company will not accept the order and this will not be processed.

If not specified, all prices include VAT. The payment of the articles will have to be done by the Client during the forward of the order confirmation through credit card or bank transfer.

  • Payment with Credit card: the credit card is the most convenient way to pay a service, highly recommended to reduce waiting times of an order. The transaction occurs online throughout the Credit card security system. The information regarding the order are transmitted using the cryptography system SSL (Secur Socket Layer), and this guarantees the safe data transmission, followed by Regulation.
  • Payment with bank transfer: the bank transfer has to be done on the following checking account: Header: BroArt srl – IBAN: IT41 G030 6933 0336 2501 9531 296. The reason of the payment must be the indication number of the order. The elaboration of the order will happen only when the total amount is confirmed by BroArt srl.
  • Cheques are not valid
Delivery of the products

The purchase articles will be delivered to the address given by the Client in 5/6 working days from the order elaboration, except for lack of products or due to extenuating circumstances. The articles belonging to the “Anello Angela” collection will be delivered to the address indicated from the Client within 15/20 working days, except for lack of products or due to extenuating circumstances. Each shipping contains the ordered products and the relative invoice. The shipping of the products will happen during the working days and the shipping is tracked with the number given by the courier. The Company suggests the Client to organize him/herself in advance to receive the package.

Before the pick-up of the product, the Client must verify that the package is complete and not damaged or wet.

Warranty and defected products
  • The products purchased through the website are subordinate to protocol, applicable to the D.lgs 2/2/2002 n. 24 (G.U. n. 57, 8.3.2002) on contracts and warranties concerning consumer goods and to specific instructions predicted from the Cod. Civ.
  • This warranty is applicable to the products that shows defects that cannot be seen during the purchasing process. This counts only if the product is properly used in the total respect of its destination (“How to preserve the jewels?”) referable on the website in the section FAQ.
  • The warranty will not be applicable in case of negligence, neglect of the use and maintenance of the product. The warranty is personal and will be applicable only to the original purchaser, since it is reserved to direct clients and not to commercials, purchasers, etc…
  • The eventual defect of the products will have to be pointed out within 10 days from the arrival of the products. The Client will have to attach the written warning when he/she resends the defected product.
  • The wrong indication of the sizes or the personalization of the rings are not considered defect, if the same sizes correspond to the initial indication given by the Client during the order.
  • The defected product will have to be in the original package and must have the relative invoice in order to be changed. The product shipping without the proper package and the eventual invoice prevents BroArt srl from the replacement of the product.
  • The shippings must happen following he indications written below.
  • The Client must send an email to, indicating the number that refers to the product substitute;
  • The Client must arrange the package using the same box that he received at first, and must attach the label with the address of BroArt srl so to cover the information of the first shipping;
  • The Client must book the pick-up contacting the courier following the indications that he/she will receive within 10 working days from the product receipt;
  • The Client will receive a confirmation email within 3 working days from the delivery to our warehouse.

BroArt srl reserves the right to verify the defectiveness of the product and to execute the substitution after this check

Right of Contract termination
  • The Italian Law regulates the purchases done on the website Due to these Regulations, the Client needs to know the ability, exercisable by 14 days from the date of arrival of the product, to employ the right to termination.
  • Warning: the return of the product will be accepted only if the article finds itself in perfect conditions, in its original package (not used), with the relative invoice.
  • The return of the product involves the repayment of the initial price, including eventual banking costs that might have occurred during the transaction. The refund will happen 7 days before the delivery of the article from BroArt srl.
  • BroArt srl. must do the resend carefully, following the indications written above.

Right of Reconsideration

The right of reconsideration gives the possibility to return the purchased object even if partly damaged, since the Client is responsible of the value reduction of the product.

Rights of the consumers

The seller is responsible for each existing defect when the product is delivered to the Client; and he/she is in charge of its reinstatement, without any additional cost belonging to its restoration or replacement.

Jurisdiction and competent field

Italian Law regulates this contract. For each complaint regarding its validity, interpretation or execution, the local judge is in charge of the local jurisdiction. The local judge has to be situated in the land where the Client lives, only if the Client lives in the Country of Italy. Otherwise, the legal case will be sent to the European Regulations 524/13 that is in charge of solving legal cases belonging to online trade.

Information and complaints

For each clarification and eventual complaint, please contact BroArt srl at 800.090.177, or via Facebook, using the link on the website

Confidentiality and Personal data protection

In the execution of this existing contract, BroArt srl puts effort into the personal data privacy and the company guarantees that these data will be used only with the aim of proceeding with the execution of an order, in the complete respect of the existing regulations, concerning the Privacy D.Lgs 196/2003. Personal information regarding clients cannot be declared to third party, at any case at all.