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Indicolite: the fascinating and majestic blue tourmaline In nature, minerals can take on infinite colors thanks to atomic exchanges within the crystal lattice, or due its deviations; not only diamonds

Inside diamond 2/2

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What is hidden inside a diamond? 2/2 However, the purity characteristics we discussed in the first part are not so much appreciated by common people as they are for gemologists:

Inside diamond 1/2

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What is hidden inside a diamond? 1/2 Just like snowflakes, every single diamond is different from each other, even if at first glance it may not seem that way. One

The blue velvet of Kashmir

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The blue velvet of Kashmir Sapphire, as well as ruby ​​and emerald, is one of the most appreciated and known color gems. In particular, the sapphire belongs to the same

Black Diamonds

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The “dark side” of diamonds As already described in the article "The rainbow of diamonds", these precious gems are able to assume numerous colors that can vary from light tones

The sky of gems

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The sky of gems There are some gems that have the extraordinary ability to trap "stars" in their crystal lattice: it is a peculiarity that gives luster and value to

The rainbow of diamonds

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The rainbow of diamonds Have you ever wondered how many colors the gorgeous crystals of diamonds could have? We usually consider the king of the gems like ‘pure’ and perfect


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The emerald’s “hidden garden” Emerald, together with ruby and sapphire, is an “evergreen” - in every way - in jewelry. Particularly appreciated by people thanks to its vibrant green color,


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The Caribbean’s colors gems It has lots of different trade names, all different from each other, but everyone referred to one unique gem: we are talking about parahíba, a tourmaline’s

Brilliant or diamond

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Brilliant or diamond? This is the question… Today I decide to make a gift to a special person so I try to find something suitable in jewelry. I’d like to